Jimbo Fisher Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the Texas A&M Aggies officially parted ways with head coach Jimbo Fisher, firing him after yet another disappointing season with him leading the way. And after the decision was announced, Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork explained the move a little bit.

During a press conference, Bjork revealed that it just felt like the right time for a change because the program was “stuck in neutral.”

“I determined at this point and for lots of reasons our program is stuck in neutral,” Bjork said according to On3. “We should be relevant on the national scene. Something is not clicking. Something is not working and therefore something had to give in order for Aggie football to reach our full potential.”

The Aggies made the move even though Fisher had an absolutely massive buyout worth $77 million. Despite the large expense, Texas A&M still thought it was important to make the move.

“As leaders every decision we make or every decision we don’t make has consequences,” Bjork said. “Consistency and how the the program operates on a daily basis impacts the confidence level of every single person in the program and thus influences performance. Based on my experience, the best programs have confidence. The program has an established identity. The program maximizes the talent. The leadership is fully integrated in the university, the athletics program and its culture. I did not feel like we were meeting those standards of excellence and leadership.”

It will be interesting to see who the Aggies hire in his place.