Shedeur Sanders Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the Colorado Buffaloes finished with just a 4-8 record as the team lost eight of its last nine games after a 3-0 start. But even though it was a rough season, Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders still seems to think that they are one of the teams to beat in all of college football.

During a recent press conference at Big 12 Media Days, Shedeur Sanders boldly claimed that the Colorado Buffaloes are “everybody’s Super Bowl.”

“I know we’re everybody’s Super Bowl so I’m really just always staying level-headed and stay grounded because I would never want to be that guy to look back and not being able to take advantage of the moment that we have right now,” Sanders said in a video shared on social media by Karter Baughan.

Obviously, this is a rather odd thing to say about a team that had just a 4-8 record last season, but it certainly is true that head coach Deion Sanders has attracted a lot more attention to Colorado in recent years which has perhaps led to an increased desire for teams to beat the Buffaloes.

It’s not likely that many teams view playing Colorado as comparable to the Super Bowl, however.

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