Marvin Harrison Jr. Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch

Marvin Harrison Jr. will not be playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes next season after he decided to leave school a year early to enter the NFL Draft and was selected by the Arizona Cardinals as the No. 4 overall pick in the NFL Draft. But it sounds like he’ll be supporting his former teammates from afar.

Though Marvin Harrison ultimately decided not to return to Ohio State for another season, giving up his dream of beating Michigan and competing for a Big Ten title and a possible national championship, he made it clear that he will be watching and supporting his alma mater as they try to accomplish those goals without him next season.

“I hope they go on and accomplish all their dreams and goals as a team,” Harrison said in a video shared by Eleven Warriors on YouTube. “I’m sure they want to beat the team up north, like every year, and then win a national championship. So, I’ll be rooting for them from where I’m at.”

While Harrison did not opt to return to Ohio State, the vast majority of Ohio State’s draft-eligible underclassmen did decide to return, giving the Buckeyes one of the most talented rosters in all of college football. We’ll have to see how the Buckeyes perform next season.

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