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The Colorado Buffaloes have been ravaged by the transfer portal this offseason, with 40 players departing from the program dating back to the start of the 2023-24 season this past year. And on Thursday, Colorado wide receiver Deuce Roberson added to that number by officially entering the portal, which elicited a response from head coach Deion Sanders on social media.

Roberson had an extremely controversial time with the Buffaloes if you can even call it that. Roberson, a 2023 high-school recruit, never stepped foot on the field for the team after being dismissed by Sanders after reportedly facing 34 sexual assault allegations dating back to his high school years, first reported by the CU Independent in March of 2023.

Roberson took to social media to announce that he will be moving on from Colorado, thanking Deion Sanders for “constant encouragement” during his time with the program.

Most would assume that Sanders would want to distance himself from this nasty situation. But instead, Sanders took to social media to respond to Roberson’s post, wishing him the best in the future and even calling him a “good young man”.

“Love ya my man and whoever you commit to will be getting a good young man that wants to prove to everybody he’s more than deserving! God bless u my man.”

Roberson hasn’t faced any sort of criminal charges for his alleged involvement in these incidents, which is why he is seemingly seeking another chance in college football next season. But still, Sanders’ public support of someone with these kinds of severe allegations looming over his head very clearly isn’t the best look for him…

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