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Friday’s Final Four matchup between the UConn Huskies led by Paige Bueckers and the Iowa Hawkeyes led by Caitlin Clark ended in controversial fashion thanks to a foul call on a possible game-winning possession. And naturally, some of the biggest personalities in sports took notice of the moment, including Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

UConn had a chance to win the game with the ball and 9.6 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. Any kind of basket would have secured a matchup with South Carolina in the National Championship for the Huskies.

After inbounding the ball, UConn looked to get Bueckers a good look for the last shot. The play was for forward Aaliyah Edwards to set an off-ball screen to try and free up Bueckers. Edwards delivered the screen but was called for an offensive foul, giving the ball back to Iowa with just seconds remaining.

You be the judge, but it certainly appeared to be a pretty ticky-tack call from the officials at such a key moment in the game. This outraged fans hoping for an exciting ending, including LeBron James.

“NAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I ain’t rolling with that call,” tweeted James.

Obviously, nobody truly knows what would have happened if UConn indeed got to take the potential game-winning shot. Maybe they would have missed and it would have been all for not.

But for UConn to have this opportunity ripped away from them by the refs in this situation is obviously a disappointing result to everyone watching except for Iowa fans. And one of the greatest to ever touch a basketball in LeBron James certainly was apart of the outrage from fellow viewers.

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