In the world of Muay Thai, a fighter delivered such a punishing kick; it managed to knock out both his opponent and the referee of the match.

Goku Dakui (China) and Super X Sitsontidech (Thailand) were fighting at MAX Muay Thai last week, where Dakui delivered a swift kick to his opponents head. Dakui barely connected on a loopy Sitsontidech, but he did manage to knock the referee to the ground.

Dakui’s earned a rare double TKO – even if it’s not a real score.

A ringside official smartly called the match then and there giving the victory to Dakui. His opponent and the referee couldn’t possibly continue the fight, so it was the right call.

Dakui’s TKO of the official was accidental. It’s the unfortunate reality of trying to closely ref a dangerous combat sport. Hopefully, the poor guy got some sort of hazard pay, because that’s got to hurt.


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