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When it comes to basketball, the game is changing quickly as the analytics movement has been embraced by influential teams around the league.

However, when watching individual players, one can still see the influences of past legends who have long since laced up sneakers at the NBA level. The echoes of the past on the present day game are what makes basketball such a fascinating sport to watch and enjoy.

Bleacher Report has put together a rather stunning graphic honoring today’s NBA stars and which legends they are most like. The results are pretty spot-on (although I’m not sure if LeBron James really has a ready-made comparison in NBA history).

Hopefully, this is a project which Bleacher Report will add to regularly because it’s a great conversation starter.

Here’s the first batch of Mirror Images. You can read why Mirror Images selected each pairing HERE.

Kevin Garnett – Anthony Davis
Michael Jordan – Kobe Bryant
Latrell Sprewell – Russell Westbrook
Pete Maravich – Steph Curry
Charles Barkley – Blake Griffin
Ray Allen – Klay Thompson
Patrick Ewing – DeMarcus Cousins
Larry Bird – Dirk Nowitzki
Scottie Pippin – Paul George
Bernard King – Carmelo Anthony
Isiah Thomas – Chris Paul
Kevin Johnson – Tony Parker
Arvydas Sabonis – Marc Gasol
Jason Kidd – Rajon Rondo
Oscar Robertson – LeBron James

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