Tiffany Gomas, the 'Crazy Plane Lady' Tiffany Gomas, the ‘Crazy Plane Lady’

It would appear Tiffany Gomas, the infamous “Crazy Plane Lady” of viral internet fame, is vying for a new income stream.

Gomas took to Twitter, the social media platform currently marketed as “X,” to post a new photo of her in an Ultra Right Beer bikini and issue a clear stance on transgender women participating in women’s sports.

“Wonder how many people I’m going to [make mad] with this post?” Gomas wondered in the post featuring her new bikini, part of which can be seen in the header photo above.

In a follow-up tweet, Gomas revealed that she doesn’t believe transgender women should participate in cisgender women’s sports. Ultra Right Beer was founded in response to Bud Light sending transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney a customized six-pack of Bud Light over a year ago.

“So… is now an appropriate time to tell y’all men don’t belong in women’s sports?!” Gomas wrote on X.

The post ignited a social media firestorm, with responded divided between admiration and condemnation. Transgender women’s participation in sports continues to be one of the hottest social issues in American politics.

Gomas originally arose to infamy in 2023, when she was filmed having a meltdown about an imaginary person aboard an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando. Gomas later issued an apology, blaming her outburst on a bout of poor mental health.