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Caitlin Clark won’t play on Team USA in the 2024 Olympimcs in Paris. Team USA’s decision to leave the rookie Clark off the team has created quite a stir, and unsurprisingly so. On Sunday, Clark stepped up to deliver her first public comments on the situation.

All told, Clark was amicable over the decision and displayed no hard feelings. Indiana Fever coach Christie Sides reflected on the decision Team USA made and also revealed an interesting tidbit that the superstar Clark gave to her.

As Chloe Peterson wrote, Sides informed the media that Clark told her the decision “woke up a monster” in her.

Those are interesting words out of the superstar Clark. It doesn’t paint an entirely different picture from her calm demeanor in her response to the controversy. It does, however, reflect that it is impacting her at least a little bit. Whether or not that should be a key factor in motivation is yet to be seen. But, athletes aren’t like us. They get motivated off of crazy things sometimes. So, whatever is fuel for the fire should be encouraged, not discouraged.

Clark and her prowess have made her one of the most attention-grabbing athletes in the world today. But there is, of course, a process to go through. Those who agreed with Team USA’s decision to leave Clark off suggested that she isn’t entitled to everything right away. That’s certainly true. There’s a long road for Clark to still travel and a lot of greatness still on the way.

We’ve wondered when everyone will chill out. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be anytime soon.

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