Ohio State helmet Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch

Earlier this year, former Kansas State Wildcats quarterback Will Howard transferred to the Ohio State Buckeyes in hopes of becoming the program’s next starting quarterback after the departure of Kyle McCord. And this weekend, he took a big step toward making that reality.

On Saturday, Will Howard had the black stripe removed from his helmet, making him an “official” member of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.

Ohio State announced the news on social media.

โ€œAye man, first of all, I just want to thank God, man,โ€ Will Howard said in a video shared by the Ohio State football team’s official account. โ€œAppreciate you guys taking me in here. Iโ€™m blessed to be a Buckeye. Shoutout to the Qโ€™s, shoutout O-block. Go Bucks.โ€

Ever since Urban Meyer became the head coach at Ohio State in 2012, the Buckeyes have had a tradition in which they put a black stripe on the helmet of each new-coming player. The player then has to earn the right to have that black stripe removed during practice and he is not deemed an official member of the Ohio State football team until the black stripe comes off.

So with Howard shedding his black stripe, he’s taken a pretty big step.

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