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The Baltimore Ravens made some big changes to its offense last offseason under new offensive coordinator Todd Monken. Those changes worked out well for Lamar Jackson as he went on to become the league’s MVP and led the team to the AFC Championship game. And as the team continues to make changes this offseason, it sounds like he will be at the center of everything the team is trying to do.

During a recent interview, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh sent a pretty clear message to Lamar Jackson about his role in the offense as the team continues to make changes, saying that Jackson will be “a big part of the architecture of the offense.”

“He’s got a lot of thoughts,” Harbaugh said according to the Baltimore Ravens team website. “I think he’s looking at every aspect of his game. He starts with himself; that’s what I love about Lamar. [He asks,] ‘What can I do better?’ And that’s why he continues to improve. Then, he goes to what we need, what we need schematically in his view, and he trusts the coaches.

“We talked and shared ideas schematically, also personnel-wise. We’re kind of working on that now, and then, he’ll come back, and he’ll look at everything, and we’ll want to know what he thinks. Like, ‘Do you prefer this or this? Are you comfortable in this direction or that direction? What do you like? [Are there] any other ideas you had since we talked last?’ Lamar will be part of the architecture. I believe he’ll be a big part of the architecture of the offense.”

We’ll have to see what the offense looks like as the Ravens continue to seek improvement.

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