Caleb Williams Caleb Williams

Last week, top NFL Draft prospect Caleb Williams faced a lot of criticism after a video surfaced on social media showing him wearing pink nail polish and holding a pink wallet with a pink phone case. And one sports commentator has gone as far as to compare the negative attention he received to the criticism Colin Kaepernick received during his national anthem protests.

Clay Travis of OutKick argued that Caleb Williams could become too much of a headache for NFL teams if he does not perform well.

“Let’s say things don’t go well. If [Williams] comes out and he plays phenomenal, as long as he stays roughly out of trouble, the NFL makes huge excuses for him,” Travis said.

But if Williams struggles or fails to impress during his first season in the NFL, Travis thinks that people could turn on him, just like they did when Colin Kaepernick began protesting during the national anthem several years ago.

“I’ve always said if Colin Kaepernick had been an incredible quarterback, he could do whatever he wanted off the field,” Travis said. “The NFL would have made excuses for him. He could have protested anything.”

It’s certainly quite a bold comparison for Travis to make.