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Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has quickly become a megastar in the NFL due to his elite pass-catching skills. But to some, he will always be known as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. And according to former NFL quarterback Cam Newton, this may be a blessing for Kelce.

The relationship between Kelce and Swift has been extremely well-documented, as Swift stole some headlines with her appearances at Chiefs game this past season.

NFL players like Kelce will always be recognized in public due to how often he is publically shown on television during football season. But no matter how much fame Kelce attracts, Swift’s spotlight will likely always be bigger.

Newton appears to envy Kelce for this fact, sharing on his podcast that Kelce “has won” with his relationship with the pop megastar.

“Bro, the guys who get identified as certain people’s boyfriends, you’ve won,” said Newton on his 4th & 1 podcast. “You don’t gotta do half the s*** that you used to do in other relationships. Don’t f*** this up Travis. Because I’m telling you, if you f*** this up, I don’t think you’ll be able to come back from this one.”

Newton raises a fair point on a number of different fronts here. The fact that Swift is already a megastar likely means that she isn’t in this relationship for the fame like some others potentially could be.

Swift appears to be genuinely happy about who Kelce is as a person. And while the two definitely have haters, it’s something that both have dealt with in their professional careers anyway.

With that being said, Newton also raises a great point in that if the power couple does potentially end up breaking up, Kelce will likely never hear the end of it…

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