Marvin Harrison Jr. Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Harrison Jr. is almost guaranteed to be the top wide receiver selected in the upcoming NFL Draft. As a result, it sounds like he is taking a pretty shocking approach to the pre-draft process.

According to a report from NFL insider Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, Marvin Harrison Jr. is not expected to work out at the NFL Combine or Ohio State’s upcoming Pro Day, and won’t be hiring an agent to go through the pre-draft process, either.

It’s a pretty surprising move, but as Breer explains, he doesn’t really need to do this.

“He can simply tell NFL teams to turn on the tape—how he runs a 40, or a three-cone drill, or routes on air probably won’t change how high he’s going to go. His sterling reputation as a worker and a person also give Harrison even more flexibility here. That allows everyone to view Harrison’s plan as strictly a business decision, made with an eye towards having a great rookie year, rather than as some reflection on his character,” Breer wrote for Sports Illustrated.

“The funny thing is that it’s not all that different from the decisions made by teams, more and more these days, to keep their coaching staffs home from Indianapolis. Those choices are said to be made because the benefit of going is outweighed by the work that can be done by staying home. In this case, Harrison is not quite staying home, but it’s similar in that there’s a greater benefit for a player of his caliber to get ready for the season, rather than for the standardized physical testing that’s been done at the combine and at Pro Days for decades.”

Still, it’s a pretty shocking move from Harrison, and it led to a lot of reactions on social media.

We’ll have to see how this approach works out for him.

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