NCAA (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

For years, the NCAA limited student-athletes transferring from one school to another, forcing them to sit out a year before competing at their next school in many cases. But it doesn’t sound like current NCAA president Charlie Baker is of that opinion anymore.

During a recent interview with ESPN, Charlie Baker made it clear that he does not think athletes should be limited in their ability to transfer to a different school, especially considering coaches do not have that same limitation.

“I’ve had conversations with a bunch of coaches who didn’t … walk out on their contracts,” Baker said. “One of the things I hear from kids when I talk to them about this issue is, ‘Coaches walk out on their contracts. What about us?'”

Baker points out that while athletes may transfer more now than they did in the past, they don’t actually transfer more frequently than regular students.

“Do they transfer more than they did ten years ago? Yes. Do they transfer more than their peers who aren’t student-athletes? No,” Baker said. “… They actually transfer less than students who aren’t student-athletes do, and kids just transfer more because they have more information, more data, and they’re more impatient about a lot of things.”

All that said, Baker made it clear that he would not support a law that would limit an athlete’s ability to transfer schools.

“I’m not much on that. I’m not,” Baker said of potential legislation that would make it more difficult for athletes to transfer schools.

This is certainly a change in tune from several years ago.