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Over the past several years, the transfer portal and NIL compensation have noticeably changed college football, and this week Mayland Terrapins head coach Mike Locksley explained how the recent changes to college football have been impacting his program in a big way.

This week, Mike Locksley joined “BMitch & Finlay” with JP Finlay and Brian Mitchell Thursday from Radio Row where he opened up quite a bit about Maryland’s situation regarding NIL, telling a story of a rather insane demand one player made regarding his NIL situation.

“And for the first time … Because of this portal, NIL. Your third-team tailback coming in and saying, ‘I need $100,000 or I’m going into the portal,’” Locksley said according to 247 Sports. “And you’re like, ‘Where does this magic $100,000 number come from?’ And it just, I mean, I sat in my office and every meeting I had was basically – and we’re seven wins and going to a bowl and taking the next step – but everything coming in was like, ‘I want this. I want that.’ And the greatest team sport has now become kind of individualized.”

With players making demands like this, it’s pretty clear that college football has changed quite a bit in recent years.

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