Joe Biden President Joe Biden delivers remarks on how Bidenomics is Investing in America the day before the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023, at Ingeteam Inc., in Milwaukee.

United States President Joe Biden made a pretty significant move in the college football world this week as he spent about 40 minutes in a roundtable discussion with college football players about health care, treatments, and benefits for college football players.

Before the meeting, a White House official told USA Today Sports that the meeting was being held “to discuss why college football players – and all student-athletes – deserve consistent safety standards, to have a voice, and to benefit from the revenue they produce”

“The student-athletes who play college football work hard on behalf of their schools, their communities, and their families and President Biden believes all workers should be treated fairly and college athletes should be too,” the official told USA Today. “All college athletes deserve consistent safety standards, to have voice, and to benefit from the revenue they produce.”

Former Georgia Bulldogs running back Keith Marshall was one of the former college football players in the meeting with Biden. Marshall said that at first he thought Biden’s appearance at the meeting was a “PR play,” but he left the meeting feeling believing the White House is “clearly very interested.

Marshall said that he thinks Biden “100 percent” believes that athletes should be able to receive long-term health care for injuries suffered while playing college sports.

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