Jalen Ramsey is a confident dude. However, when the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back told ESPN he’d crack the NHL with six months of training despite never skating on ice, it was quite the proclamation.

Ramsey is now putting his money where his mouth is, as he teamed up with former Arizona Coyotes bruiser Paul Bissonnette to show off his hockey chops.

BizNasty and Ramsey took in a Predators game as well. Hopefully they checked out the lines at BetOnline to make some money as well!

It’s great to see Ramsey embrace hockey, but there’s one key element missing when evaluating whether his ridiculous NHL claim can come to fruition: He’s not wearing skates or other hockey training equipment.

It’s infinitely harder to shoot a puck on skates than it is without them. Until Ramsey shows up on the ice and displays at least an average ability to skate and shoot simultaneously, his claim is still ridiculous. Although, we love his confidence and hopes he proves haters wrong – even if that’s incredibly unlikely.