Malcolm Jenkins had a simple message for his former coach Sean Payton after getting scored against in the fourth quarter: Screw you.

On Sunday, with the New Orleans up by 31 points over Philadelphia in the fourth quarter, Saints coach Payton decided to for it on fourth down. Alvin Kamara would score against Jenkins making the score 45-7. The 30-year-old corner wasn’t pleased, flipping off Payton.

Despite his frustration at the score, Jenkins admitted post-game flipping the bird to Payton wasn’t personal and that he’s got respect for him.

“I’m a competitor. I love Sean to death. I know what type of guy and coach he is. That was more so personal between me and him,” Jenkins told NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark.

“We talked after the game. It’s all good. I know Sean. They’re going to go for it. I was more so upset that it was on me,” Jenkins said. “I got a lot of respect for what they’re doing, especially Sean.”

It seems emotions got the best of Jenkins in the moment. He doesn’t dislike Payton, but on the play, he wasn’t thrilled he was specifically targeted, and he reacted in frustration.

The 2018 Super Bowl-winning Eagles record dropped to 4-6 following the 48-7 blowout loss. Jenkins was simply blowing off steam after getting burned on the play. I’m sure he wishes he reacted better, but at the end of the day, flipping the bird is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things.


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