Markelle Fultz has made tremendous progress over the last six-plus months in getting healthy enough to play in the NBA. After appearing in just 14 games as a rookie after an injury left his jump shot broken and left a mystery surrounding the 20-year-old’s future, Fultz has bounced back in 2018-19, starting all 11 games for Philadelphia at the point. He’s healthy, right? Well, not according to his former trainer.

In a tweet since deleted, Drew Hanlen, who acted as Fultz’s shooting coach this summer, argued with Clint Parks, Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma’s trainer, that the 76ers point guard still wasn’t healthy.

While Fultz has shown tremendous improvement from last year, averaging just over nine points and three assists, he doesn’t look fully recovered. His jump shot, while improved, still jerks and his shooting still leaves a lot to be desired. Whether that’s an injury or just a confidence issue, something’s off. His summer trainer tweeting Fultz isn’t healthy doesn’t exactly inspire confidence he’s out there 100%.

If he’s hurt, Philly needs to pull him. The pressure is on for the 76ers to contend and for Fultz to take the next step, but playing him injured is going to prevent both of those things from happening.


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