The Arizona Coyotes are about to start another NHL season and to promote the upcoming squad, they got celebrities and former players to pose in their awesome throwback third jerseys. One of those celebrities was the legendary rocker, Alice Cooper. So, what’s the problem? Cooper looks absolutely miserable in the promotional picture.

To be fair to Cooper, he’s 70 years old, so he’s no spring chicken. But, did whoever take the picture just go with the first snap? Cooper isn’t smiling and looks like he’s being held, hostage. Maybe, that’s his way the Arizona-born rocker shows his excitement. It might also look weird since he’s not wearing his trademark make-up. But, still, it’s a funny pic.

Regardless of Cooper’s pose, the Arizona third jerseys are fire. Cooper – and fans across Arizona and around the league – might smile if the team made them their permanent jersey.

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