Bill Belichick was not happy with the Miami Dolphins apparently faking an injury to stop the clock.

During Sunday’s New England Patriots-Miami Dolphins tilt, the Dolphins struggled to set up a fourth-down play in the second quarter. With time expiring on the play clock, Dolphins corner Bobby McCain went down with what appeared to be cramping issues to stop the clock.

Belichick wasn’t pleased.

In case you can’t read the Patriots’ head coach’s lips, he called the injury timeout “f*cking bullsh*t.”

McCain, surprise, surprise, was totally fine after the play. Clearly, he was pretending to be injured so time would stop and the Dolphins could regroup.

As for Bill, it’s hard to blame him for being frustrated. Even if he doesn’t exactly have a spotless record for bending the rules. Fake injuries aren’t cool – even if it can create time on the clock to get regrouped.

[Video via Deadspin]

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