Bill Belichick does not have time for high fives, even if it’s young kids looking for one from the New England Patriots head coach.

Belichick, a notorious grump and always locked-in football guy, was caught by NBC cameras walking out of the tunnel ahead of the Patriots-Lions game. Unfortunately, cameras also caught two kids trying – and failing – to get a high-five from him. Belichick passed right by without even acknowledging them.

Yikes. Belichick didn’t even try to make an effort on that one.

I do wonder, however, if the kids were wearing Pats gear and not Lions gear if Belichick would have given them a couple of high fives.

Belichick has to focus on football, it’s his job. I get it. But, he could have at least said hello to the kids in passing. He comes across as a bit of a jerk, even if he’s not intentionally being one. It’s essentially Bill being Bill. He can act however he wants since he’s the NFL’s GOAT coach.

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