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Rapper Meek Mill is channeling his feelings on the treatment of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick into song.

Meek Mill previewed a new song to Page Six, which is all about his friend Kaepernick and the injustices he faced. The Philadelphia-born rap star has multiple Kap references in the song.

“They won’t lynch him by hanging from a tree. They lynch his bank account.” 

“They told Kaep to stand up if you want to play for a team, and most of his teammates said the same thing.”

— “Back in the ’30s you would be killed if you kneeled. They won’t kill you now, they just take you out of the deal.”

According to Page Six, Kaepernick and Meek Mill became friends when the rapper was in jail. Per TMZ, Meek Mill eventually helped Kaepernick in Philanthropic efforts, with both pledging more than $10,000 to Philadelphia youth charities.

Both Meek Mill and Colin Kaepernick are all-too-familiar with both unfair personal treatment and in their communities just for trying to have a voice and for speaking up against societal injustice. By teaming up, the two can channel their positive energy to make their message that much stronger.

The song, currently untitled, is set to drop on Meek’s “surprise album.”


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