Roger Federer’s loss at the 2018 US Open cost a fan big time.

Federer (ranked #2) lost in four sets to Austrailian John Millman (ranked #55) in the fourth round in men’s singles action. The loss was a shock as Millman was given a 6.0% probability to win, the 2nd biggest upset of 2018 according to Pinnacle oddsmakers.

One bettor understandably thought Federer was a lock to win and put down $25,000 USD on him to beat Millman in order to win $500 USD. While that could make some semblance of sense, there is NOTHING guaranteed in any sport, ever. Witness the pain for yourself:

Australian on Australian crime. Too bad for that guy. He didn’t get nearly as lucky as John Daly did when he won $150K just for… staying alive?!?

Upsets don’t happen too often, especially of this magnitude. However, betting $25,000 to win just $500 is such an incredibly cocky bet. If you bet that much and lose, you don’t have a right to be mad. The shocking lack of insight into making a bet like that in the first place is just incredibly appalling.  Has this man never made a wager before?  Has he never walked into a casino?  Couldn’t some of his friends or family members stopped him before it was too late? I feel bad for the guy, but it was his own fault that it happened. Hopefully he learns his lesson from this and perhaps next time he should check out some free bets instead of risking such a massive amount for so little return. Ouch! However, if someone has $25,000 to wager on such a dumb bet like this, then maybe that person will never learn their lesson. Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Sure, it sucks. But, if you’ve got $25,000 to blow for such a small return than you’re probably doing fine money wise. However, the bettor’s ego had to take a massive hit.

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