After months of press conferences, trash-talk, and insane hype, YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI’s boxing match ended in a “majority draw.”

The match, which had more than 770,000 people watching at a time (at $10 a pop), ended with a whimper and a promise of a future rematch, as after some punches (and general fatigue) nobody won. It was ridiculous and exactly what Paul and KSI wanted.

Real punches were thrown but the results might have been predetermined. Even if there was a clear winner, the fact it ended in a draw probably is by design. It’s not a conspiracy to suggest a draw was in the plans along.

KSI and Logan Paul’s camp both made boatloads of money and ultimately ended up with the promise of a future match – where they’ll surely fight and take more $$ from fans again. While Paul and KSI might seem like dunces on YouTube, they’re both suave businessmen who are pro at leveraging their personal brands. Having a draw ensures round two of this online back-and-forth BS. There will be more Twitter back-and-forths and more false flags.

So, the results were somewhat right, there were no winners, except for Paul and KSI’s bank account. Nobody should consider these matches (at least the main card) legit – especially whatever one they concoct next. Boxing? Swimming? Fencing? Who cares. There’s no integrity involved. Just money. Enjoy paying for a rematch.

Welcome to YouTube, 2018.




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