Jon Gruden Aug 18, 2018; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden watches from the sideline in the second quarter against the Los Angeles Rams during a preseason game at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Gruden is feeling himself. So much so, in fact, he’s throwing shade at Tom Cruise of all people.

Gruden caught up with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King where the discussion turned to his reported $100 million contract to coach the Raiders. Gruden dismissed the number while throwing shade at Cruise.

“I’m not making $100 million, just so you know. Well, I never thought Tom Cruise, never thought his movies were any good but he’s making plenty of money. There’s a lot of things that I don’t understand. No disrespect to Tom Cruise. I’m sure he’s a great actor. But you know what? You just go about your life as hard as you can. You try to find something you love and you do the best you can at it.”

Gruden can’t criticize Tom Cruise of all people when he has a freaking bowl cut.

Also, I don’t get his point. Is he saying he’s overpaid himself despite not being good? Gruden is massively overpaid. Tom Cruise at least consistently brings in box office dollars (excluding The Mummy). As for Gruden? We’ll see if he can make the Raiders good again.

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