It’s early in the NBA off-season, but Lonzo Ball has already provided us with some entertainment: A diss track towards teammate Kyle Kuzma.

The Lakers rookies have always jabbed back and forth on twitter, but today, Ball dropped a diss track titled “Kylie Kuzma.” Those hoping for a Drake/Pusha-T like beef are going to be sadly disappointed. Ball’s track is mediocre for numerous reasons, but three stand out to me.

Titling the song Kylie Kuzma

If it’s not bad enough Ball released the songs in association with “Big Baller Brand Music Group” (a thing apparently), Ball was so creatively-stunted his track title is basically calling Kuzma a girl. That’s not only weak, it’s sort of pathetic. There’s nothing wrong with being a girl and using it as a diss is the sort of second-grade insult you’d expect from Ball.

Calling out Kuzma for not knowing his dad is not funny or clever.

Ball raps:

Big Baller Brand getting bread, little Kuz is getting crumbs

We thumbing through that money, look at y’all, y’all is playing with your thumbs

Don’t know who your daddy is, well your ass is getting sonned

We both taking shots, the only difference is you ain’t hitting none

Kuzma didn’t grow up with his pops in the picture. Ball, meanwhile, had Dadzilla in LaVar Ball. Kuzma had to OK the line about not knowing who his father was, right? Otherwise, what an incredibly cruddy thing to say.

There’s literally nothing to be gained by Lonzo for making fun of Kuzma for growing up without knowing his dad. It’s weirdly personal.

Ball is not self-aware when it comes to who’s a better shooter

Ball raps “we’re both taking shots, the only difference you ain’t hitting none,” which is flat-out hilarious when put in a basketball perspective. Kuzma averaged more points (16.2 vs 10.2) and shot way better from the field. Kuzma hit 36 percent of his three-point attempts and 45 percent from all over the court. Meanwhile, Ball turned in one of the poorest shooting seasons in rookie history, shooting 30 percent from three and just a god-awful 36 percent from the field on 10.8 attempts per game. Ball can’t shoot at all. Kuzma, a late first-round pick, was much better all-season for the Lakers. It’s really no competition.

From a non-basketball perspective, who cares?

I can’t believe Ball is charging money ($.99) to buy this. It’s not the worst rap song from an NBAer ever, but it’s definitely the most unnecessary.

Kuzma is going to whoop Ball’s ass.

The Los Angeles Lakers off-season is off to a great start.

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