Tanking is a real problem in today’s NBA. So much so, commissioner Adam Silver warned teams that it had “no place” in today’s game. The Dallas Mavericks apparently didn’t get the memo.

In Friday’s matchup against the Chicago Bulls, the Mavericks forgot to put out a full starting lineup, ending up with four players on the court. Referees weren’t having it, as a technical foul was issued against Dallas.

Note the dude who tries to run off the bench and get into the game. Also, note the Bulls couldn’t score despite being up 5 on 4.

Both the Bulls and Mavs are fighting to finish last in the NBA for the coveted top pick in the 2018 NBA draft. Need proof? The Bulls ultimately missed the technical free throw – so the Mavs weren’t punished for putting out four guys.

The mistake didn’t cost the Mavs badly, as they still achieved a 100-108 loss – unquestionably, the desired result for the franchise right now. If you had the right side according to the best online betting sites, you could have won some nice money too!

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