For some, playing video games is a release from their real life. You turn on your console, grab your controller and forget about the real world for a few hours. Perhaps, you’re escaping a loved one. Well, for one gamer, escape isn’t an option.

Check out this custom printed controller done by this dude’s girlfriend featuring the couple on it. Now, when he rips enemies apart with a SCAR-L on Fortnite, he can experience it as a couple?

It might seem corny, and personally, I wouldn’t want a controller featuring my girlfriend and I on it. However, it’s a sweet sentiment and a visible sign of care. Maybe, she doesn’t like video games and wants to show support? Sure, it’s a tad much, but I can think of worse ways to show affection.

Just don’t break the controller, man. Unless he wants a non-subtle way to end the relationship.

[Barstool Sports]

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