In a time where social media makes everything so instant, Oklahoma City Thunders’ Steven Adams is only just now catching up.

Lauren Meyers, a former law student, and now law school graduate asked Adams to law school prom all the way back in 2015. She even attached a caveat of 1,000 retweets. It never got answered, but three years later, Adams gave her the answer she was looking for all these years.

For The Win spoke with Meyers and explained the circumstances in which the tweet came to be:

“I was in my second year of law school and my friend and I were at a bar and I was thinking I needed a date. Steven Adams was new to the team and we said we should try this out just as a joke. So I downloaded this $1.99 app to my phone and photo-shopped that picture together and tweeted it out and didn’t think anything of it. The next day it blew up a little bit — not to the extent it did (this week) — but got my thousand retweets and never heard anything. It was more of a joke, it was pretty funny that it even got that much attention.”

Although she is out of law school now, there has to be some way to make this right. The Thunder need to step up and host a law school prom at the arena. That will keep this love story going and who knows, maybe matchmaker as well.

The ball is now in the Thunders’ court.

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