A Kim Jong-un impersonator caused headlines for showing up to the Pyeongchang Olympics and hanging out with a Donald Trump lookalike during the open ceremonies. So who is this mysterious dude? His name is Howard.

Howard, a Chinese man from Australia aka the Kim Jong Un impersonator, spoke to Yahoo Sports, where he revealed he dressed up like the North Korean dictator to produce “good political satire,”  by showing up to events like unified Korea vs. Japan hockey game.

Unsurprisingly, Howard wasn’t received well by guards.

“They shouted something in Korean, I wasn’t sure what it was,” he said, “and then the police got involved and they dragged me away – they said for my own safety.”

It’s a ballsy move to go to Korea and pretend to be Kim Jong Un, but as Howard put it, he “was born with this face,” so why not show up to the Olympics in South Korea? Besides causing a ruckus and perhaps insulting the North Korean government, his heart was in a good place.

Just a suggestion though Howard, dressing up and pretending to be North Korean is a bad idea. Maybe, you can do it in your own home for kicks, but it seems to be an excellent way to “disappear,” if you catch my drift.

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