If you are anything like me, your experience with Nintendo’s Super Mario is mostly held to drunken gaming. Mario Kart with a beer in my hand? Check. Super Mario mini-games with a cocktail? Check. A lot of my college experience was held with Super Mario somehow involved.

Now it appears that this character is getting an animated movie. Judging by the people involved, it will be a kids movie as well. After the live action adaptation, it makes sense why they would now go this route.

Here is the info courtesy of The Verge:

Today Nintendo confirmed reports that it’s working on an animated Super Mario movie with Illumination, the animation studio behind movies like Despicable Me and Minions.

They go on to say that the info was first reported by the Wall Street Journal back in November. They also state that the original creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto will be on board as a producer.

The world needs to get ready for a Mario movie. Considering that Illumination only puts out hit after hit, don’t be surprised if this ends up as a worldwide phenomenon. So now instead of playing this game in a dorm room, it will be watched on the big screen once again.

The staying power of Mario is ridiculous.

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