The Minnesota Vikings may not be in the Super Bowl, but they have some stray players hanging around for the festivities in Minneapolis. Eric Kendricks and Jeremiah Sirles were asked by Sports Illustrated to play Pictionary on a roller coaster inside the Mall of America. It went as well as one could hope.

Sirles didn’t do a great job of drawing a panda, but somehow when Kendricks was up, he was able to draw Batman for Sirles to guess correctly. They must have been on the same teammate wavelength. Nothing in that video proves to me that he was trying to draw Batman.

The Mall of America is a national treasure and is a monstrosity to navigate. It is exciting seeing players take time there despite the touristy nature of the structure. It is tough not to when “radio row” for media is at the food court inside the Mall of America.

Minneapolis has a lot to offer, but the Pictionary game on an indoor roller coaster is just too good to pass up.

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