If you haven’t heard of the Wing Bowl, I don’t blame you. It is a tradition that involves getting up at 4:00 am tailgating until the doors open at the Wells Fargo Center at 6:00 am, and they watch people eat wings. It takes place the Friday before the Super Bowl. This year is the 26th edition of the Wing Bowl.

This year with the Philadelphia Eagles in the game, the Wing Bowl has a little more emphasis on it. A brave person wearing a Tom Brady jersey tried going to the event, and he got a whole beer poured on him. He was also cursed at an awful lot as well. Do not watch the video below if you are with select company, this is a not safe for work (NSFW) clip.

This is par for the course for Eagles’ fans at this point. You don’t want to paint them with a broad brush, but videos have been coming out consistently like this the past two weeks. The Patriots fan on the other hand walked into the middle of the beast and made it out alive.

While this fan was treated poorly, the Wing Bowl feels like a must-see event. Beers so early in the morning that the sun isn’t up? Count me in.

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