Barstool Sports’ Kevin Clancey, aka KFC Barstool, is in the middle of a very public cheating scandal and it doesn’t look good for the longtime Barstool personality.

On Friday afternoon, Clancey’s wife, Caitlin, posted a lengthy Instagram message claiming she found out Clancey, host of the popular Barstool podcast KFC Radio, was having an affair while she was eight months pregnant. According to Caitlin, days before she gave birth to the couples second child, KFC was in a Manhattan hotel with his mistress.

After the post, KFC responded by calling the situation “a hard time” and that he was handling the situation privately “for the sake of my kids.”

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy held an “emergency press conference,” admitting KFC comes across as a scumbag, adding he’ll let him address the situation when he’s ready to.

The responses to KFC’s apology were almost universally from fans and people who were disappointed in the alleged affair.

Since this is the internet, there were plenty of memes on the situation.

KFC hasn’t addressed the allegations head-on, so we don’t know the full details. However, if it is true – and why wouldn’t you believe his scorned wife – it’s an incredibly shitty thing to do. Cheating on your spouse is one thing, cheating on your pregnant spouse is in another league of douchebaggery. It’s among the scummiest things you can do.

It will be interesting to see how Barstool address this situation. It’s nothing but bad PR (the New York Post even put out a story on it) for the company and isn’t something that can be spun into a self-referential t-shirt.

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