YouTube star Logan Paul, best known for pretending to be colorblind and making poorly made, tone-deaf music for the sake of views, continues to be a complete dumbass.

No, Paul didn’t get in trouble for being his usual loud, obnoxious, and disruptive self. Instead, the former Vine star got in hot water after posting a vlog in Japan’s suicide forest. Bad enough, right? Nope. Paul found a dead body hanging, didn’t call the police, and barely blurred it out of the video.

With over 15 million subscribers, most of which are children, Paul (and his slightly dumber brother Jake) are huge influencers in the community. The video in question received over 6 million views before it was taken down. It’s since been reuploaded, but I’m not posting it here.

After backlash from just about everybody (including Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, no relation), Paul offered a half-assed apology on Twitter, where he claimed the video was made to have a “positive ripple on the internet.”

Posting a video trekking through Japan’s Suicide Forest is one thing, but filming, editing and publishing a vlog after finding a body, and laughing in the video is disgusting. There’s no definite message there – even if Paul didn’t include a trigger warning, and a suicide prevention phone number at the end of the video.

Paul, tears building in his eyes, eventually offered another apology.

Honestly, I don’t think Paul meant harm by posting the video. In fact, I believe he’s too stupid to understand what he did was wrong. The 22-year-old might have found immense YouTube and merchandising success, but he’s got a long way to go to becoming a respectable person. He didn’t think hear and it should cost him.

Hopefully, YouTube does the right thing and offers a strike to his channel. Paul violated YouTube’s terms of services. He should be punished for it.

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