The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, might have missed out on their first billion after being squeezed out of Facebook, but thanks to sounds investments in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the two are now in the billion-dollar club.

According to the Verge, and confirmed by Metatrader 4 Broker, the Winklevoss invested $11 million of their $65 million payoffs from Facebook back in 2011 into Bitcoin. Since the rising online currency has been trading recently at nearly $11,490 a coin, the Winklevoss twins investment now reached over a billion dollars. Talk about reading the future market.

Portrayed by the great Armie Hammer (pictured above) in David Fincher’s Oscar-nominated The Social Network, the duo made a huge gamble which paid off tremendously.

It’s another incredible addition to the twins’ resume: Olympians, rumoredly the largest Bitcoin collection in the world, helped in the creation (even loosely) with the biggest social media platform in the world AND were portrayed by arguably Hollywood’s most handsome actors. Yeah, the Winklevoss twins don’t have it so bad. Enjoy your billion.

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