Being a head coach can be a pain in the rear end if you don’t have great time management skills. They work long hours and are constantly criticized, it doesn’t matter the sport. Current Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone falls in the “very busy” category and it doesn’t matter if he has a lot on his plate or not, he is always ready for a bologna sandwich.

Marrone spoke to ESPN’s Michael DiRocco who wrote a story about the head coach’s eating habits. His preferred bologna sandwich? White bread, American cheese, spicy mustard, and bologna. He isn’t ashamed of his eating proclivities when he spoke to ESPN.

“When I was in college at Syracuse, I remember people saying, ‘My God! How can you eat bologna?’” Marrone said. “And I always like bologna because bologna, you never have to throw it out. In other words, if it’s in the refrigerator and you get a little film on it, then you just fry it and it tastes just as good.”

“I don’t like people talking to me when I eat,” Marrone said. “I’m not a sharer. I don’t share food, you know what I’m saying? I always tell people, if you [want] to share, you’ve got to order your own. That’s just how it is. That’s the truth.”

After their game against the Colts, which the Jaguars won 30-10, Marrone was naturally asked a follow up on his deli meat preferences. Did he have time to include a sandwich even though he had guests in town?

“I was thinking about you guys last night,” Marrone said to the media. “There was a little brown on the bologna, you know, because after a while it gets a little late, and I was like, ‘Shit, I’m gonna eat it anyway. I don’t care.’ Normally I fry it but I was too damn hungry.”

What a love story. Head coach and bologna, together as one. As long as the Jaguars keep winning, no one is going to complain about his eating habits.


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