Retro shoes are always present in “sneaker” culture. Whether they be old Jordan’s or different rare shoes, there is always a deal to be had. Latrell Sprewell is going to get in on that train with pairs of his old shoes.

Quick test. Do you remember what they look like?

DADA is Back!#iphonecantdo

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This post from 2015 shows what they looked like and I remember when they first came out they were iconic. They had the spinners that were so popular on cars at the time. They were very pointless but that wasn’t the point.  Needlessly flashy was the name of the game and it makes them fun.

Sprewell sent out a couple of tweets previewing their return in 2018. His account is currently suspended for unknown reasons but we were able to get the original text.

I am totally overwhelmed with fans of my Spinner shoes. Coming back in 2018. Can’t wait to share more details soon.

Given what other companies have charged for shoes and other retro throwbacks, this could easily be a $100+ shoe. Are you going to pay that kind of scratch? Count me out.

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