<> on October 15, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It has been a jam-packed offseason for Victor Oladipo. He was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Indiana Pacers and now he is creating music with some of the best musicians in the business. As he gets ready to start the NBA season, he also released a song as well.

Oladipo teamed up with 2 Chainz for a protest song about President Donald Trump. The song coincides with the tensions that have continued to grow with the President and those in the NFL. Oladipo said to TMZ that he, “wanted to address what was going on and bring awareness to it, but in a positive manner.”

The song is titled “Rope A Dope” and it can be found on Oladipo’s SoundCloud page.

“I will fight until the end/ because I know what I’m fighting for,” he sings. “Even in defeat, it’s a lesson learned/ ’cause everything I got is anything I earned…wave your flag, ’cause you don’t want no smoke.”

The song is off of Oladipo’s EP that comes out October 6. It is an impressive to see him sing, he isn’t half bad at it. He definitely has a career in it once his career is all said and done. If he is drawing names like 2 Chainz now and if this record does well, his career while he plays will undoubtedly take off.

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