As far as tech goes, the cutting edge is normally in applications and other useful day-to-day activities. Any way a company can cut down on time spent on a task, people will take to it. Frivolous apps aren’t normally made or used because of the unnecessary nature they assume.

Google and Levi’s are trying to change that thinking. The two have teamed up to make a “smart” jacket that will sell for $350. While talking to The Verge, the two companies are eager to point out that this isn’t a gadget and is more of a garment they want users to enjoy.

The jacket and app that are used for this jacket are compatible with both iPhone and Android. The Bluetooth capabilities it has changes the cuff of the jean jacket and is intended for those on the go. One of the fascinating uses for those either biking or walking. They can set a home location and double tap the jacket itself to set you onto a course home.

The jacket will be going to boutique shops on the September 27th and will be available on on October 2nd.

For someone that sees little use for this jacket, someone who is constantly on the go or is biking to work could see this as useful. The market for this product is incredibly small. It could be an exciting step into tech/garment based crossovers. The sky may be the limit.

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