ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 29: Fans react during the ELEAGUE: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship finals at Fox Theater on January 29, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

I’ve talked before how ridiculous video game endings can be. Especially when you’re playing a friend. That win or loss is going to give them ammo for a long, long time.

Two gamers were facing off in a friendly game of NBA 2K and the most absurd sequence just took place before our very eyes.

So we go from a missed layup to a three-quarters court shot to win the game. The losing party is in the bottom left-hand corner and he cannot believe what just took place. We barely even see him come back into screen until the very end.

You only have a couple of options after a loss like that. You either burn the console and forget that you played or you change your name, never play video games again and live on the land. They aren’t terrible options and after the absurdity, we just saw, I wouldn’t blame the guy.

Give him some time to himself and he may recover. Until then, let the guy game in peace.

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