Nike is releasing new sneakers for Kevin Durant’s championship win and the shoes are interesting, to say the least. The sneakers are in the same color as the Warriors’ team colors and they reference a lot of the criticisms that have been weighed against him.

Some of the words on the heel read “snake”, “soft” and “can’t beat em, join em.” The only word missing is “cupcake” but nonetheless, the words on the shoe are very critical of the player.

It is an interesting strategy for the NBA Finals MVP.  He is embracing the criticisms and now he is going to profit off of them as well.

The shoes haven’t been immediately released by Nike but that doesn’t matter as the shoes sold out quickly across the nation at different stores. You can find them at select Foot Locker’s but given the publicity surrounding the shoe, don’t be surprised if they are gone quickly.

The discussion always centers around LeBron James’ greatness and for good reason but Durant is making a case to be just as entertaining. Given that every NBA player this offseason seems to be making headlines, the league couldn’t be in better shape. People keep tuning in and the players continue to deliver.

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