The NHL youth movement is in full force and Toronto Maple Leafs’ stars Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are a big part of it. They helped a previously lowly rated Maple Leafs team make the playoffs and turn into a perennial contender.

Now they are being immortalized in an untraditional way by a fan of the team. They are currently muses for a maze in New Brunswick, a very different way to be portrayed.

This isn’t the first maze that the owners have ever done of hockey players, they have also immortalized Jean Beliveau and Patrick Roy, who both played for the Montreal Canadiens. So how did a couple of Maple Leafs make their way into a Canadiens’ fans maze?

It was part of a burn that the Hunter’s, the owners of the farm, decided to pull on a brother in-law of theirs. They said that they would put up a Maple Leafs themed maze “in honor of the 50th anniversary of their last Stanley Cup win.”

That is absolutely cold blooded.

According to, “the maze is the cornerstone of the farm’s fall festival and its kid-powered Field of Fun. The brothers hope 7,000 or more visitors will come over the next two months, weather permitting.”

A weird situation may have put them at the center of a maze but I am sure the Hunter’s brother in-law is hoping that the Stanley Cup drought is broken soon. Maybe then the maze won’t be part of a cruel joke and will be commemorative instead.


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