Rick and Morty went from an unknown television show to a cult phenomenon that can’t be stopped. The pop culture references to it are everywhere. John Mayer, singer, songwriter, and sometimes comedian has decided to take his fandom to a new level.

The man has created a shoe in the style of a character that was recently unveiled on Rick and Morty his name is “Pickle Rick.”

It may very well be the oddest sentence you’ll ever read. But Mayer is obviously taking advantage of the popularity of the show by designing this shoe under his NikeiD account.

The shoe itself uses a lot of the palette presented in the show so it isn’t that far off in the color scheme. Unfortunately, there isn’t an actual image of “Pickle Rick” on the shoe itself.

Mayer is a polarizing figure but at the very least, this will build up some good will. This isn’t the only shoe he created but this most recent iteration may be the only time that he is planning on selling this shoe.

At $130 it isn’t out of this world expensive but dropping them at that price limits the market. Although¬†a lot of sneakerheads will think this is quite a deal since it is a limited edition run.

It is a little late but Mayer should do a “Covfefe” shoe next.

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