Sneakers are a status symbol in modern society. With releases coming in waves and people trying to pick up certain pairs for elevated prices, it is no wonder that there is crime around the industry.

According to ABC 10, the Los Angeles police are currently on the lookout for a person or group carrying around an awful lot of shoes. It appears that nearly $1 million dollars worth of shoes was stolen from a trailer. The Torrance, California business lost both men’s and women’s shoes during the robbery.

Two short days later, the police were able to recover about $900,000 dollars worth of the merchandise from an El Monte, California business.

It only makes the question of who did it all the more intriguing. If they found the shoes at another business, were they going to try and sell the shoes? Was this a competing rival trying to stir the pot? If they are only going cities over, was this a plan that was even thought out at all?

Regardless, the initial theft of the shoes is a lot to take in. You’re going to need an awful lot of equipment to handle a heist of this nature. As sneakers rise in value, this may become more common place.

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