Chris Paul is now the point guard for the Houston Rockets. But, if it was up to comedian Kevin Hart, Paul would be sticking with the Los Angeles Clippers for the foreseeable future.

TMZ caught the duo outside Madeo in Los Angeles. In front of the cameras, Hart pleaded (and even bribed) Paul to stick around in L.A.

While getting their keys from the valet, Hart told Paul “don’t leave L.A., Chris!” while jokingly offering to pay for his valet. Paul wasn’t having any of it, telling his actor buddy “don’t do that.”

Hart’s plea to keep Paul in L.A. is an impossible battle. Getting traded this summer to the Houston Rockets ensures Paul won’t be in L.A. next season. Even if this was a bizarro world, the Clippers couldn’t reacquire Paul even if they wanted to as a team can’t reacquire a player it traded in the same season. Plus, that would make absolutely no sense. Paul is in Houston, at least for the upcoming season.

So, Hart should enjoy his time with Paul in L.A. Once the NBA season starts, unless Paul is visiting battle the Clippers or Lakers, he’s going to be elsewhere. Cherish every moment Kevin.


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