You got to give Jason Whitlock this, he sure knows how to turn up the burner and concoct some of the dumbest takes imaginable.

On Wednesday, FS1 analyst Doug Gottlieb reacted to the recent news that 110 out of 111 former NFL players tested positive for CTE in a recent study by the Journal of American Medical Association.

Gottlieb called out the NFL for the statistic.

Speaking for himself, Gottlieb’s FS1 colleague Jason Whitlock answer his question with “soccer.”

Sure, soccer players have developed CTE, but not at the rate of NFL players.

When responding to the comment, Gottlieb asked where the soccer players with dementia and ALS were. Whitlock, in expected form, said soccer players aren’t looking for a “payday,” while listing MMA and Boxing on his list.

While there have been cases in both MMA and boxing of CTE, it’s not nearly been on the same scale as the NFL. But, bafflingly, Whitlock followed that up by claiming candy does more harm to innocent kids and adults than football does.


I’ve tried to rationalize Whitlock’s tweet (which he doubled down on) and this is what I’ve come up with: Candy is bad for you and can cause health problems. Those health problems can eventually kill you. In reality, they won’t, but compounded across the world more people die from eating candy than playing football. What’s problematic about that line of thinking is, not everyone plays football. The percentage of football players getting CTE compared to the people getting serious health problems from candy isn’t close. It’s microscopic.

CTE is an epidemic in the NFL as constantly bashing your head against things can cause serious brain damage. Candy, meanwhile, makes you fat, hyper and possibly sick. It will not cause brain damage. This tweet sums up things pretty well.

I don’t know what kind of candy Mr. Whitlock has eaten, but maybe, he should consult a doctor. Regardless, good Lord Jason. Remember when people respected you? Cause I don’t – although, maybe it’s because my brain is damaged from eating too much candy.


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