MOSCOW, RUSSIA – MAY 22: during the 2016 IIHF World Championship gold medal game at the Ice Palace on May 22, 2016 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Anna Sergeeva/Getty Images)

Washington Capitals star left winger Alex Ovechkin got married this past weekend and it was anything but a small affair. Notably, Ovechkin was shirtless during his wedding reception with a microphone in his hand.

He had one of the biggest cakes I’ve ever seen at a wedding. Which is fitting for a larger than life person like him.

И … свадебный тортик … и его масштаб ??? ?

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He also had an insane amount of flowers at the wedding as well.

To top it all off, he and his wife also received a gift from one of the most controversial figures in the modern world, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to one Reddit sleuth, the translation for the note goes as followed:

The President of the Russian FEDERATION Moscow, the Kremlin.

Dear Anastasia and Alexander: Heartily congratulate you on the day of marriage, I wish the young family who joined today by Alexander Anastasia Subsky, prosperity, good luck, execution of the plans. As of one more bright and happy days, let your house be always filled with love and understanding. Hove (??) and all the best. Putin


You’d think Putin could splurge for something better than a glassware set, right? If you ask me, this just sounds like another case of Russian and Washington D.C. elite mixing when they shouldn’t.

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